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But another very sad point, which completely rejected Tinh’s plan. The weather is very bad. The Nau-ti-lxx was approaching a stormy coastline, where it was the Gorgesher that produced swirling winds and water cannons. Using this small boat to plunge into rough seas meant holding death firmly in hand. Stroke also agrees. That very day, he told me: Professor, the time has come to end this situation. I want to act publicly. His Noah sent the ship to the north, far from the land. I declare to you that I have asked for enough Antarctic land and will never follow him to the North Pole! Know how, Mr. Net, once the escape cannot be done? NATIVE BLOOD TOTE BAG. I still keep my opinion. We have to talk to the captain. You don’t want to talk to him when the ship is in your waters. Now the ship is in the waters of my country. I had only one thought: in a few days the train would pass through West Scotland; Near New Zealand there is a large pool of sea, where the River Blue falls. This river is my river, the river of my home city. Just thinking about it, the blood rushed to my face and I felt itchy. You know, I’d rather crash my head into the ocean than stay on this ship! I will die here forever!

Native blood tote bag

Obviously, Stroke could not take it any longer. His benevolent nature was not adapted to such a long bondage. His expression became more and more sorrowful. I also sympathize with Tinh’s pain because I myself miss the country very much. We have not heard from the ground for seven months. Also, the indifference of Captain Nero, his change of character, especially after the night of the octopus fight, his silence. All of these make me see things differently first. Must be someone like the Congregation to live in an environment that is meant only for whales and other deep sea animals. I answered Tinh because I felt that it would be ruined if I let him do this directly. I sit back alone. Once the problem is raised, I want to deal with it immediately. I returned to my room and heard footsteps in the captain’s room. Don’t miss the chance to meet him. I knock on the door. There was no reply. I knocked again and turned the door knob. The door opened. I enter. There was only one captain in the room. He could not hear me coming in because he was engrossed in the table. But I’m busy with work. I leave you alone, won’t I be able to enjoy that freedom?

This meeting was not very exciting. But I decided to listen to it all so I could say it all. Did you just find out something I didn’t know before? Or has the sea just revealed new secrets to him? We are hard to talk to each other! But before I could reply, Nero showed me the open manuscript in front of me and said solemnly: Sir Aroac, this is the manuscript that has been translated into several languages. It includes a brief summary of my marine studies, which will not be lost according to me. NATIVE BLOOD TOTE BAG. This manuscript, along with my life story, will be placed in a machine that cannot sink. Whoever is last on board will throw the machine into the ocean to let it float freely. Name of this person? Biography again? That is, at some point, Neho’s secret will be made clear? But for now, that for me is just a means of moving forward with the story I want to tell. I replied: Captain, I cannot approve of your intention. The results of your scientific research cannot be let go of. But the means that he chose I find too primitive. Who knows where the wind will push the machine away and whose hands it will fall?

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Couldn’t he think of a more certain way? Could it be himself or anyone in the number. Captain, neither you nor I want to return to this matter. But once that is mentioned, we should deal with it in full. Please tell him, this issue is not only of concern to me. For me, scientific research is a source of encouragement, a passion that can make me forget everything. Like him, I can live without anyone knowing, living anonymously, with the fragile hope that I will pass on the results of my research to life. In short, I am able to admire him and enjoy him at the same time, and play a role that I also partly understand. But in his life there is another very complicated and mysterious side, which I and my friends have nothing to do with.

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